STATE Goa EMT Vinod Jadhav
DISTRICT South Goa PILOT Shamsundar
DATE 22nd Sept, 2013 ERCP Dr. Kshipra

On 22nd September in early morning at 6:32 Assolna ambulance team received a call to reach Cuncolim road on Canacona highway. It was a road traffic accident where a truck had hit a goods carrier vehicle. The team with EMT Vinod Jadav and PILOT Shamsundar rushed to the scene immediately.

The impact of the accident was massive as both the vehicles were heavily damaged. After ensuring scene safety, the team entered the scene and identified three persons one of whom, Mr.Shabir Pathan, a 22 years male, was semiconscious with both legs fractured and crush injuries, who was stuck inside the vehicle. He was profusely bleeding from the fractured sites.

The other two victims were already dead.

Vinod immediately started extricating the Shabir from the vehicle and asked Shamsundar to bring the splints, gauze pads and dressing material. Shamsundar, being an experienced person, also brought the scoop stretcher along with all the splinting material. They immediately controlled the bleeding with lots of efforts as Shabir was severely bleeding. They were not able to stop the bleeding on the first go and hence decided to shift Shabir into the ambulance immediately. Vinod checked the vitals and called emergency Physician Dr. Kshipra for further help.

Vinod followed the medical advice and brought Shabir to a stable condition before shifting him to Balli Primary Health Center. After all the strenuous efforts of the ambulance and hospital crew, Shabir was alive and stabilized after surgical intervention at GMC. One week later, Shabir had recovered. He expressed his gratitude and hearty appreciation for saving his life from such a grave situation.