STATE Uttarakhand EMT Vinod Singh
DATE 29th Oct, 2013 ERCP Dr.Khatri

img-6Sachin, 25 years old, was well aware of the fact that one should not cross tha railway track when the signal goes green. But that day, he just took a chance, the chance that left its impact on him for his entire life. He thought that the train was too slow and that he will be on the other side before the train could reach. That was his biggest mistake when he started crossing the railway line.

As the train was approaching near, Sachin hurried his way to the other side when suddenly his foot got stumbled upon a stone and he fell down. In another moment, the train came rushing towards him and Sachin could not even get up before the train ran over his body, crushing both his legs. The pain that he felt was enormous but not greater than the realization that his legs had been amputated and he can do nothing about it.

A stranger who witnessed this episode immediately called 108 to seek timely medical help. When the 108 team of EMT Vinod Singh and Pilot Vinod reached at the railway station, Sachin had already been picked up from the railway track. EMT Vinod and Pilot Vinod safely shifted Sachin into 108 ambulance. He was bleeding heavily. His both legs were amputated above the knee. Quickly, after collecting the both amputated legs, the 108 team started for the hospital.

Seeing that Sachin had already suffered huge blood loss, Vinod quickly put a compression bandage to control the bleeding instantaneously. He also approached Emergency Physician Dr.Khatri for further guidance. The doctor advised him to administer medication for reducing the pain and IV fluid for compensating the blood loss. Vinod followed the advice promptly.

When they reached the hospital, Sachin’s condition had already been stabilized and his life was saved.